Canal Lives on the JR&KC


Gregory Hargreaves


Manuscripts & Archives

Albert & Shirley Small Special Collections Library. University of Virginia. Charlottesville, VA.

American Canals Society. Easton, PA.

Chesapeake & Ohio Historical Society. Clifton Forge, VA.

James G. Leyburn Special Collections & Archives. Washington & Lee University. Lexington, VA.

Mariners' Museum. Newport News, VA.

Prints & Photographs Division. Library of Congress. Washington, DC.

Valentine Museum. Richmond, VA.

Virginia Board of Public Works Collection. Library of Virginia. Richmond, VA.

Virginia Canals & Navigations Society. Madison Heights, VA.

Virginia Historical Society. Richmond, VA.


Other Primary Sources

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Canal Lives on the JR&KC began as a course project for MSST 603 Museums & Modern Technology at the Univeristy of Delaware. Special thanks to Dr. Mike Zarafonetis for his guidance as course instructor, the Museums Studies Program for technical support, the Hagley Graduate Program in History, and the staffs of the above-mentioned institutions.